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Possibly the most comprehensive on-line course in NZ

SC Investors ABOUT

We believe that this vehicle is the route to freedom and we specialise in finding the ‘added extra’ opportunities in Commercial property investment. With a passion for property, we approach every opportunity with a sense of gratitude and the attitude that every deal must be a win-win.

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Sophisticated Property Investor Course

  • Largest commercial on-line training course in NZ
  • Learn from the professionals
  • Learn from basics to advanced
  • Education that will make you proficient in the field
  • Learn how to find the good deals
  • Learn how to grow a database
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Property Fund

  • Invest in sound commercial property
  • Sound returns from measured risk
  • Time scales available for liquidity
  • Trust in the years of experience of the operators
  • Relatively low investment required
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Asked Questions FAQ

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Well, you need to be considered an ‘wholesale investor’ as defined by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. A certificate can be obtained from your lawyer.

We believe that some business’s will now be considered risky where before they were considered safe. We will be searching for investments that we believe can withstand this type of threat if it happens again.

The market is not as liquid s the share market but then again it is not as volatile either. The fund will be reviewed periodically and if a significant portion of the investors need their investment back then the property will be sold at the most opportune time. Other platforms can be used to liquify your investment such as Syndex and the SPI database.

Brill Management will be managing the asset(s). Brill management has over 20 years experience in this industry managing both large and small retail, industrial and office space.

This is our point of difference with regards to the personal touch. As an investor in the fund, simply make an appointment and the MD will buy you a coffee somewhere and discuss the strategy of the Fund and will be open to any ideas you may have.

The SPI Course

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